Welcome to your new favorite theme park. The Inflatable Island in the Philippines opened in 2017 and can lay claim to being the biggest inflatable playground in Asia. It’s designed like an obstacle course, with several inflatable hurdles to complete.

Thanks to Unicorn Island, its newest addition, it now covers over 44,132 square feet — or more than ten basketball courts placed side by side. In addition to all the features already offered by the park, including a wobbly bridge and a “human launcher”, the Unicorn Island expansion brings six new obstacles to the park: Baba’s Super Slide Slippery Slopes, the Rainbow Walk, Mini Jump and Fly, Climby the Seaunicorn, and the Wavy Dinosaur.

Unicorn Island is set apart from the main Inflatable Island but can be easily accessed by swimming. If you’re worried that the island and its obstacles are a little too childish for you, think again. Many adult visitors have actually found the course too difficult to complete, though the difficulty did not detract from the level of entertainment. Whether you conquer the inflatable obstacles or they conquer you, take a beach and drink break at the Pink Bali Lounge, unmistakable for its pink, purple, and fuchsia lounge chairs and umbrellas, and located across from the island.

While getting to the Philippines itself might not be cheap, a visit to the Inflatable Island sure is. You can pay $9.50 for one-hour, or $17 for a full day, with discounts for advance booking. Life vests are required, as the water depth ranges from four to 15 feet, and though lifeguards are always on duty, it’s recommended that you know how to swim. You also won’t be allowed to wear any jewelry, or clothes with zippers. Do you really want to be the one who “deflates” Climby the Seaunicorn?

H/T: Bustle