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The Rosé Mansion Is Hiring and It Might Just Be the Best Summer Job Ever

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by Eben Diskin Jun 18, 2018

Looking for your next big career move? Love talking about wine? Love drinking wine? The Rosé Mansion in Midtown Manhattan could be your new office. The mansion is looking for “Mansion Ambassadors,” who will be tasked with creating a memorable guest experience by guiding visitors through the mansion’s many rosé-themed rooms between July and October.

The job posting reads that the mansion is looking for “charismatic, outgoing, creative people who are passionate about education, science, art, culture, history and most importantly LOVE TO TALK!”. There are all kinds of summer jobs and internships out there, but really, how many give you the chance to sample “over 100-plus of the best Rosé Varietals”?

If you’d rather just visit the mansion, you can “wander the rooms in the mansion while sipping rosé from around the world…each room will transport you to a different place in time.” The mansion has rooms styled like Ancient Rome and the Finger Lakes, rooms where you can swing from a gold chandelier, and a space for playing mixologist, creating your own unique wine blends. And after a long, stressful day touring the wine mansion, you’ll have earned the chance to unwind at one of the most extensive rosé bars on the planet.

An advance ticket costs $45 ($35 during happy hour). Tickets include entrance to the mansion, eight wine samples, and souvenirs.

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