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Ryanair’s Frequent Flyer Program May Actually Make You Want to Fly With Them

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by Eben Diskin Feb 20, 2019

Ryanair is a budget airline, but only when it comes to ticket prices. When you start adding seat selection, a checked bag, or want to make a change to your booking, the fees pile up, and they are substantial. That’s why the airline is offering the Ryanair Choice program for 2019, which aims to eliminate some of these fees for frequent flyers.

There will be 152 million people flying Ryanair in 2019, and those who fly with the airline regularly will be rewarded for their loyalty. For just $225 a year, frequent Ryanair travelers can take advantage of free seat selection, fast-track, and priority boarding.

Ryanair is also rolling out other “customer care improvements.” Now, if customers are able to find a cheaper fare within three hours of purchasing their Ryanair flight, they will be paid the difference and get a $6 Ryanair credit. The airline is also introducing a 48-hour grace period after purchase for passengers to make changes to their bookings free of charge. Previously, the grace period was only 24 hours.

Other big changes coming in 2019 include new airplane interiors with more legroom and improvements to Ryanair’s website, including a new fare finder.

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