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The San Francisco Bay Area Is Getting More Rain Than Seattle This Year

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by Eben Diskin Mar 12, 2019

Seattle might be the US city most stereotypically associated with heavy amounts of rainfall, but this year, the San Francisco’s Bay Area is blowing it out of the water. According to Mike Nicco, ABC7 News meteorologist, “San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Rosa have each received more than 45 days of rain so far this year. Seattle has received 39 days of rain. Portland has received 42.”

While you might think the rain has dampened the spirit of San Franciscans, that’s actually not entirely true. Prior to the rain, the Bay Area had been in the middle of a drought, which has now come to a welcomed end. For now, however, the rain has passed and San Francisco is returning to its regularly scheduled program of sunshine. “The rain train has left the Bay Area,” said Nicco, who forecasts temperatures in the 70s by this weekend. “Spring is finally here.”

H/T: ABC7 News

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