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Soon You’ll Be Able to Rent Scooters on the Uber App

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by Eben Diskin Jul 11, 2018

You’ve probably noticed dockless electric scooters in cities across the U.S., especially in D.C., L.A., and Miami, but it’s not always easy to catch a ride on one. Usually, they require you to have a specific app on your phone that’s linked to a credit card, and when you’re on the go, that’s not always easy to set up or access. That’s why Uber is stepping in to help make scooter travel as convenient as possible.

Uber has invested $355 million in the scooter company Lime, and soon you’ll be able to rent one of these scooters right inside the Uber app. No official launch date has been announced, but when it does become available, you’ll be able to unlock any of Lime’s scooters in 70 U.S. cities and even a few international ones, including Paris.

It’s easy to see how these scooters could soon become a great way to travel within large cities. They’re easy to operate, more environmentally friendly than a standard Uber ride, and cheaper than many bike rentals. The rates for these scooters will start at $1, plus 15 cents per minute. So don’t be surprised if soon enough, bright green scooters become as ubiquitous in your city as UberX.

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