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A New Immersive Experience Brings Sensual Cirque Performances To Denver

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by Nickolaus Hines Jun 15, 2023

Denver is more known for nature, cannabis, and beer than for burlesque and Cirque du Soleil level acrobatics. Sensatia, a new limited-run show with performances through July, upends that reputation. Fire, violin and cello musicians, a singing MC, and plenty of scantily clad men and women performing the types of stunts usually reserved for a Vegas showroom have transformed the building of a former brewery into Mile High’s hottest new performance venue.

@nickolaushines Sensatia, Cirque Cabaret has officially landed in Denver through July #cabaret #burlesque ♬ This Is How We Do It

Before the entertainment company Quixotic brought Sensatia to this corner of Denver’s RiNo Arts District, the building now known as The Arch housed Epic Brewing, which closed in 2022. The front bar remains, but that’s about all. Pre-show cocktails flow from the bar and decor with a Roaring Twenties flair brings burlesque vibes before any of the actual entertaining starts. At showtime, everyone is moved to the back through a golden archway, where two-top tables surround a stage.

Sensatia’s goal is to “awaken your deepest, naughtiest desires and heighten all of your senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste,” the MC, EnVee, said at the start of the preview show, setting the tone for all that’s to come.

EnVee guides the audience through the performances and weaves a through line between them all. She brings comedy, audience participation, and, most enticingly, an incredible singing voice to the stage. A violinist and cello player bridge performances and go beyond skilled playing with the introduction of fire and interplay with the acrobats. There are more than a couple surprises throughout that I won’t spoil, but know that not everything is as it first appears.

What you can expect is to be amazed and entertained. The technical aspects, audience engagement, and the live music are draw enough. But then there are the more acrobatic performances. The cast dazzles with aerial silks, dances, gymnastics, and mind-bending ways of moving (think folding in half).

This may not be the entertainment Denverites are used to seeing in their hometown, but it’s one they won’t want to miss.

Sensatia, Cirque Cabaret: 3001 Walnut Street Denver, CO 80205. Tickets available online (18+) with shows running Thursday through Saturday until July 29.

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