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Singapore’s Changi Airport Is Getting a Makeover and We Can’t Even

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by Eben Diskin Jul 19, 2018

When you’ve been called the best airport in the world for seven years running, there’s a lot of pressure to back it up. That’s why Singapore’s Changi Airport is taking measures to cement its top status. Set to arrive in 2019, Changi Airport will build a new facility that not only connects all three terminals but also contains over 100 hotel rooms and 300 dining and shopping spots. But Changi isn’t stopping there. The mixed-use facility will also be aesthetically stunning with forest-like gardens, floating nets, and the world’s biggest indoor waterfall, all across three main areas: the Canopy Park, Forest Valley, and Rain Vortex.

Changi Airport

Photo: Changi Airport/Shutterstock

Changi Airport interior

Photo: Changi Airport/Shutterstock

Canopy Park will cover 14,000 square meters and feature playgrounds, gardens, sky nets (for both walking and bouncing), and mazes composed of hedges and mirrors. Forest Valley will be a five-story garden with flower displays and hiking trails. As the centerpiece of the new project, the Ran Vortex will be the most impressive addition: a 40-meter-high waterfall.

If you plan on traveling through Singapore after 2019, make sure your layover is a good couple of hours. And if you hadn’t planned a trip, you might want to change that. These new additions are intended to give the airport an amusement-park feel and are sure to make layovers a lot more enjoyable.

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