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Flights to These Cities Are Going to Drop Hard in February

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by Matthew Meltzer Jan 30, 2020

It has been a long and brutal winter. Not only was it so cold that iguanas started falling out of trees in Florida, but it was also an icy wasteland for cheap flights. With the holidays in full swing and everybody planning escape-the-cold getaways, we endured a couple of months where, literally, the best deal to be found was four percent off flights to Louisville.

But good news! The ground is beginning to thaw — for cheap flights anyway — as our friends and crack cheap-flight experts at Skyscanner have once again found some phenomenal price drops expected to hit in February. By analyzing literally millions of historic airfares, they identified 10 destinations both foreign and domestic where flights should be a lot cheaper than normal next month. So spring is definitely looking up.

On the domestic side, this will be your time to book flights for spring break, with Palm Springs leading the pack boasting flights down 25 percent to $244. You can also spend spring break funneling beers beachside at the Lani Kai since Ft. Myers airfares went down 17 percent to $213. Two Hawaiian destinations also crack the top 10, with Kahului down 16 percent to $381 and Kona flights a scant $361, down 15 percent.

Here’s the rest of the domestic leaderboard:

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1. Palm Springs, California — $244 (25%)
2. Chicago, Illinois — $189 (21%)
3. Portland, Oregon — $232 (20%)
4. Ft. Myers, Florida — $213 (17%)
5. Kahului, Hawaii — $381 (16%)
6. New York, New York — $236 (16%)
7. Boston, Massachusetts — $223 (16%)
8. Kona, Hawaii — $361 (15%)
9. Seattle, Washington — $242 (15%)
10. Detroit, Michigan — $231 (14%)

Looking to leave the country this spring? You’re in luck, as this is shaping up to be one of the cheapest months on record to fly to Europe. All 10 of the top international destinations are on that continent if you count Turkey, where Istanbul airfares are down 22 percent to $777. You can also join the throngs of hard-drinking Americans doing St. Paddy’s Day in Dublin with $483 flights, down 26 percent. Or take that scenic spring train ride through Switzerland you’ve always dreamed about, with Geneva flights 23 percent cheaper at $667.

The rest of the international leader board:

Scenic summer sunset view of Nyhavn pier with color buildings, ships, yachts and other boats in the Old Town of Copenhagen, Denmark

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1. Copenhagen, Denmark — $477 (29%)
2. Rome, Italy — $511 (26%)
3. Dublin, Ireland — $483 (26%)
4. Reykjavik, Iceland — $381 (24%)
5. Geneva, Switzerland — $627 (23%)
6. Berlin, Germany — $612 (23%)
7. Amsterdam, Netherlands — $527 (23%)
8. Athens, Greece — $704 (23%)
9. Istanbul, Turkey — $777 (22%)
10. Vienna, Austria — $671 (22%)

Of course, though big flight discounts seem to be back in full force, none of this is guaranteed. And though the folks at Skyscanner are pros at this, nothing here should be taken as gospel. Still, while the sunshine and warm weather may seem months off, at least the icy desert of flight discounts has finally begun to warm. And you can take advantage of it to escape the last weeks of winter.

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