Photo: Paramonov Alexander/Shutterstock

A Snow Moon Will Brighten Up the Sky This Weekend

News Astronomy
by Eben Diskin Feb 7, 2020

Between the harvest moon, wolf moon, blood moon, and the many other versions of the supermoon, it probably seems like there’s a special moon more often than a normal moon these days. But if you don’t have moon fatigue just yet, you may want to try to catch the Snow Moon hanging in the sky from this Friday night, February 7, to Monday morning, February 10.

The moon won’t be any whiter than usual, and won’t affect the weather. The name of this celestial event comes from Native American tribes that named it that way because this type of full moon was usually accompanied by heavy snow.

If you’re determined to catch the moon at its peak fullness, you’ll have to stand outside at 2:33 AM ET on Sunday, February 9. Note that the moon will look especially large during its rise and fall.

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