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A Social-Distancing Restaurant Is Coming to a Swedish Meadow, and It Only Seats One Person Per Day

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by Eben Diskin Apr 27, 2020

Questions have been raised surrounding the ability of restaurants to open while also maintaining safe social-distancing measures. This innovative Swedish restaurant is taking social-distance dining to a whole new level by opening up a one-person restaurant. Bord för en, meaning “table for one,” is a restaurant for the COVID-19 era pioneered by Rasmus Persson and Linda Karlsson.

The unusual restaurant will only have one table, located in a meadow 50 yards away from their house. Only one guest will be accepted per day, and the food will be cooked in the house by Persson (a trained chef) and delivered via a rope-operated basket from the kitchen window.

The menu will feature three courses, including a range of local dishes like råraka (Swedish-style hash brown, smetana, seaweed caviar, wood-plucked sorrel), the Black & Yellow (yellow carrot-ginger purée, browned hazelnut butter, sweet corn croquettes, serpent root ash), and the Last Days of Summer (ginned blueberries, iced buttermilk, and viola sugar from the couple’s own beets). Since the couple relies on local and seasonal ingredients, the menu is expected to change on a regular basis.

One of the most unique aspects of this dining experience is that there will be no fixed price for menu items. Payment will be voluntary and determined by each individual guest.

This meadow-based restaurant isn’t as remote as it may sound. It’s located right near the Hembygsgården bus stop, and from there it’s just a short walk to the meadow.

The restaurant will open on May 10 and remain open until August 1. Reservations can be made online.

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