International travel is tough these days, given ever-evolving border restrictions around the world, but there’s one destination where you can avoid all that — outer space. A new startup called Space Perspective is offering adventurers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to the edge of space, and it’ll only set you back $125,000.

This week, Space Perspective announced its new Spaceship Neptune — a 10,000-pound crew capsule surrounded by giant windows, with a minibar and bathroom, that hovers 19 miles over the Atlantic Ocean, right on the edge of space. The capsule, containing eight passengers and one pilot, would launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center while dangling from the end of a high-altitude balloon pumped with hydrogen gas.

Photo: Space Perspective/Facebook

The ascent to 19 miles above Earth would take two hours, and passengers would get another two hours floating above the Atlantic ocean.

Although the flight isn’t a reality just yet, the plan is for Neptune to take flight with a crew for the first time in 2023 and start commercial operations in 2024. Jane Poynter, one of the founders of the experience, told Business Insider, “Our strategic plan has us getting to something on the order of 500 flights a year within a few years after [first] operations,” adding that “We are anticipating that it will be on the order of half, or less than half, of the current Virgin [Galactic] ticket price,” which would put the price at around $125,000.