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Actor Stanley Tucci to Host Food Tour of Italy on CNN

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by Elisabeth Sherman Feb 7, 2020

The actor Stanley Tucci has long had one foot in the food world and another in cinema. As well as star turns alongside Meryl Streep in movies like Julie and Julia and The Devil Wears Prada, the Golden Globe-winning actor was the co-owner of the now-closed Finch Tavern in upstate New York, and has written two cookbooks, The Tucci Cookbook, a collaboration with his family, in 2012, and its 2014 follow up, The Tucci Table. Now the actor is taking another step into the food world: CNN has recruited Tucci to host a four-episode tour of Italy.

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy will follow the actor around “very different regions” of Italy, according to Deadline, exploring the cuisine and culinary history of the country. So far, he’s slated to visit Florence, Rome, Sicily, and Milan.

Tucci’s obsession with Italy isn’t a secret. He has even directed and starred in a movie about a pair of Italian immigrants who open a restaurant in New Jersey — but that’s why he’s the perfect choice for this hosting gig. Amy Entelis, executive vice president for talent and content development for CNN Worldwide told Deadline that this show is the actor’s “love letter” to Italy.

Food fanatics and history buffs alike have long been flocking to Italy for fine dining and ancient ruins. We all know Italy has cornered the market on pasta, pizza, wine, and marble statues. There is no shortage of books, blogs, and Instagram accounts urging anyone with an appetite and a pair of walking shoes to visit Italy at least once. Tucci will have to take his show above and beyond the obvious to make a food tour of Italy feel fresh. It will be interesting to see what new perspectives on this well-trodden territory Tucci brings to the table.

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