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New Jersey’s Anthony Bourdain Food Trail Is Officially Open

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by Eben Diskin Tim Wenger Jun 17, 2019

Residents and visitors to the East Coast have a new way to pay tribute to the legendary traveler, chef, and author Anthony Bourdain. A food trail covering the spots Bourdain visited on the New Jersey episode of Parts Unknown, filmed in 2015, officially opened on June 13. Bourdain, host of the popular CNN show, was a Jersey native — despite being known as the longtime chef at Les Halles, a steak-and-frites joint in New York City.

Over 16 years on television, Bourdain joined an elite cast of on-screen Jersey natives including John Travolta, Meryl Streep, and Ray Liotta, though he is the first to have a tourist trail designated in his honor. It’s his second official trail, following the opening of a route in Vietnam that includes the Bun Cha stand where he dined with President Barack Obama. The route consists of 10 restaurants that he loved, primarily located along the Jersey Shore but not overlooking north and south Jersey. In true Bourdain fashion, everything from fine dining to a fried hot dog stand and a taffy shop is represented. Here are the locations:

Major props to any who drive the route and eat at each spot along the way — you can count yourself among the true Bourdain connoisseurs. Double points if you complete the journey on Bourdain Day.

This article was updated on June 17, 2019.

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