Follow in Anthony Bourdain’s footsteps through the New Jersey food scene with this new Bourdain-themed restaurant trail. Bourdain spent much of his childhood in Leonia, New Jersey, and in honor of the deceased food and travel show host, the New Jersey Legislature approved the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail at the end of January. The trail will, of course, include some of the restaurants Bourdain visited while filming the New Jersey episodes of Parts Unknown in 2015.

Photo: Parts Unknown/Netflix

As reported by the Asbury Park Press, New Jersey Assemblywoman Carol Murphy called Bourdain a New Jersey food icon, and said that she believes the trail is “a fitting way to honor the memory of one of New Jersey’s best known chefs […] he never forgot his Jersey roots. Each episode, Bourdain brought his homegrown wit, charm, and sense of humanity to his viewers. He became a New Jersey food icon.”

Bourdain himself was always quick to rebuke any negative stigma surrounding his home state. In the New Jersey episode of Parts Unknown, he said, “New Jersey has got beaches, beautiful beaches, and they’re not all crawling with roid-raging trolls with reality shows. I grew up summering on those beaches and they’re awesome.”

It hasn’t yet been revealed when the trail will officially open, but the following restaurants are slated to be included:

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