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Anthony Bourdain's “Parts Unknown” Is Returning for Its Final Season

by Tim Wenger Aug 2, 2018

Bourdain’s death last June came as a terrible surprise to his fans. But new Parts Unknown episodes featuring the beloved chef, traveler, and TV host may bring a little comfort to those who would like to pay tribute to this travel legend. With these final episodes, CNN and the show’s crew look to honor the man who brought the tastes of the world into millions of homes and introduced Americans to cuisines and cultures from across the globe.

The forthcoming season will be the show’s 12th, with episodes based in the Asturias region of Spain, Kenya, Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Indonesia, and Texas. The show will then conclude with an emotional deep dive — the final two episodes will feature the cast and crew reflecting upon Anthony Bourdain’s legacy and lasting impact, as well as the process of creating the show and their lives on the road.

CNN executive Amy Entelis, one of the original masterminds that brought the show to life, noted that the only thing missing from most of this final season will be Bourdain’s narration. “Each [episode] will feel slightly different depending on what’s gathered in the field,” she told The Los Angeles Times. “They will have the full presence of Tony because you’ll see him, you’ll hear him, you’ll watch him. That layer of his narration will be missing, but it will be replaced by other voices of people who are in the episodes.”

Parts Unknown, which debuted April 14th, 2013, has received six Emmy nominations in recent weeks. No start date for the airing of the final season has been announced.

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