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Stanley Tucci’s Negroni Recipe Is the Key to a ‘Perfect Milanese Drink’

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by Elisabeth Sherman Apr 22, 2020

Underappreciated actor and noted cookbook author Stanley Tucci is the latest surprising internet hero: On April 20, Tucci hopped on Instagram to provide viewers with a detailed explainer on how to make the perfect negroni, and now Twitter is all in a tizzy.

Tucci tapped into the fact that lots of people are leaning on alcohol to pass the time during lockdown and became our very own personal virtual bartender.

The recipe for a negroni is simple enough: equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari. However, Tucci tweaks the recipe just a tad. First of all, he likes to make his negroni up, a term that refers to a cocktail that’s chilled over ice then strained into a glass without ice, like a martini. He also adds a double shot of gin and just one shot of Campari. And he cautions that you need a “good sweet vermouth.”

“You know that brand Martini?” he asks the camera, then wags his finger disapprovingly.

Tucci pours the pink-hued drink in a classy coupe glass, no ice, and garnishes the drink with a slice of orange. Once you’ve got all those bases covered you’ll have the “perfect Milanese drink,” as he calls it. And he should know. He is the Italy expert, after all. Tucci recently filmed a miniseries for CNN about his travels in Italy called Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy.

Predictably, the internet lost its collective mind over something so seemingly innocuous. His negroni-making skills are sexy, erotic, and Tucci himself became a “very hot dad.” Even Chris Evans weighed in, praising Tucci as an “absolute gem.”

But not everyone was quite so charmed by Tucci’s bartending: Several drinks and cocktail writers pointed out that a true negroni should never be shaken. Technically, the cocktail should be stirred.

Still, the general consensus seems to be that we are absolutely charmed to the heavens by Tucci. Personally, I hope he turns it into a series. Maybe Stanley Tucci’s Cocktail Hour? Stanley, if you’re reading this, believe me: If your recent surge in popularity tells us anything, it’s that this is the quarantine content we need right now.

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