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Where to Stay, Eat, and Party in La Condesa

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by Odette Herrera Jun 8, 2017

La Condesa, one of Mexico City‘s fashionable neighborhoods, stands out for its abundance of intriguing cafés, restaurants, bars, designers shops, and art galleries. Parque México lies at the center, built around what was once an old horse track, with streets full of Art Deco and Art Nouveau architecture radiating outward.

Not only is there plenty to do within walking distance of La Condesa, but the area extends into La Roma (which has a similar vibe and culture). La Condesa is also near other areas of interest, like the historic city center, Chapultepec, and Polanco.

There are tons of options to explore, so here are the best spots to stay, eat, and party.

Budget options:

If you’re traveling on a budget, you’ll find good reasonably-priced hostels and B&Bs in the area.

Hostal Be Condesa

This modern hostel is located steps away from Tamaulipas, one of the main streets in the neighborhood, which is replete with restaurants, bars and shopping boutiques.

Yautepec 164. Condesa.

Condechi Bed and Breakfast

Cozy B&B, run by a friendly family (including dogs) that likes to welcome and help their guests with anything they might need.

Amatlán 56. Condesa.

Mid-range options:

Hotel Parque México

Everything you see at Hotel Parque México Boutique —furniture, decorative objects — is made in Mexico, and if you like something you can buy it. The rooftop restaurant has a terrace where you can enjoy Mexican food with a modern twist, while listening to live jazz music.

Av. México 133. Condesa.

The Red Tree House

A boutique B&B in a beautiful Mexican house built in the 1930s. Rooms are spacious and stylish; the atmosphere is homey; and the common areas great for meeting people.

Culiacán 6. Condesa.

Luxury Options:

Hotel Condesa DF

A chic hotel visited by young celebrities from all over the world; it is commonly used for fashion mag photo shoots.

Veracruz 102. Condesa.

Hippodrome Hotel

This hotel is an elegant option decorated by international interior designers, with marble bathrooms and beds made exclusively for the hotel. Since it only has 16 bedrooms, it’s a private place to relax after a day exploring bustling Mexico City.

Av. México 188. Condesa.

There are also many Airbnb options. Tip: As long as you’re within a mile or so walking distance of Parque México, you’re in a great location.


You’ll find a restaurant, café or eatery, from Mexican to Japanese, at almost every street and corner. Let yourself be seduced by what you see and smell. If you prefer to follow advice, all these places serve great food.


Merotoro specializes in Mexican cuisine from Baja California, based on dishes cooked in wood fired ovens. Its flavors are different from what we think of as traditional Mexican food, but this place is one of the best in the neighborhood, and the city.

Amsterdam 204. Condesa.
Monday to Saturday: 1pm-11pm
Sunday: 1.30pm-6pm

Azul Condesa

Chef and owner Ricardo Muñoz Zurita has worked to maintain Mexican culinary traditions in his menu. He was named by Time magazine a “prophet and preserver of culinary tradition”.

Nuevo León 68. Condesa.
Monday to Saturday: 9am-12pm (breakfast) / 1pm-11.30pm (lunch & dinner)
Sunday: 9am-12pm (breakfast) / 1pm-6pm (lunch)

Frutos Prohibidos

Although you can stop by this place at any time of the day, I recommend Frutos Prohibidos for a fresh and healthy start in the morning: for fresh fruit juices — with combinations you never imagined — delicious wraps with cheese, veggies and deli meats, and sweet delicacies for sugar lovers.

Amsterdam 244. Condesa.
Weekdays: 8am-10pm
Weekend: 9am-6.30pm

Tori Tori

Japanese food is fused with common Mexican ingredients like avocado and chile and the result is absolutely delicious. Tori Tori is a chic restaurant with a vibrant vibe, perfect for starting a fun night.

Amsterdam 219. Condesa.
Sunday to Wednesday: 1pm-11pm
Thursday to Saturday: 1pm-12.30am

Mercado de Medellín

This traditional market of fruits, vegetables, local spices and flowers is located on the border of Condesa and Roma neighborhood, is a good place to eat. It specializes in seafood, but you can also find beef cuts and Cuban ice-creams to die for.

Campeche 101. Roma.
Everyday: 8.30am-6pm


The main areas of drinking and dancing options are Tamaulipas, Nuevo León and Michoacán avenues, but even in the smaller streets you can find bars worth visiting. Here are four spots in which you can have fun all night long.

Pata Negra

No matter your mood, music preferences or age, you’ll have a good time here —and if you’re traveling solo you well may meet someone. Salon Pata Negra has two areas, one bar located downstairs which plays commercial pop and rock music; and a hall located upstairs, where you can dance salsa and other Latin rhythms, as well as listening to good old classic rock music both in English and Spanish.

Tamaulipas 30. Condesa.
Everyday: 1.30pm-2am

Mojito Room

This Cuban dance club is a salsa lover’s paradise, with live music and DJs that keep everybody moving and having fun. Every Thursday, between 8pm and 10pm, you can take salsa lessons and learn professional moves.

Nuevo León 81. Condesa.
Thursday: 8pm-2am
Friday: 8.30pm-3am
Saturday: 9.30pm-3am

El Imperial

[CLOSED] El Imperial is a big area favorite, thanks to its wide variety of music —you can find pop, rock, electro and even some Caribbean rhythms— and because it stages live concerts with well-known musicians, mainly Latin American.

Álvaro Obregón #293. Roma.
Tuesday to Saturday: 10pm-4am

AM Local

AM will become your home away from home for electronic music, with a young and very energetic vibe. Party hard and have fun all night long, accompanied by local and renowned international DJs.

Nuevo León 67. Condesa.
Wednesday to Saturday: 11pm-5am

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