You Can Spend the Night in an NYC Ice Cream Truck for Less Than $10

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by Nickolaus Hines Jul 13, 2021

For much of the US, this has been the summer of heatwaves. Death Valley in California broke a new record when it hit 130 degrees Fahrenheit in early July, and many parts of the country — particularly the Pacific Northwest — are dealing with their own record-breaking temperatures.

Staying cool, clearly, is a problem. And what better way to beat the heat than to seek refuge inside an ice cream truck, the coolest place on wheels you can think of?

Travel booking site is celebrating National Ice Cream Day on July 18 by giving a few people an overnight stay in New York City in a fully functioning ice cream truck. Even though it’s fully stocked, it’s not filled solely with metal fridges. There’s a comfy looking bed, a trendy neon sign, and plenty of eye-catching (aka Instagram ready) design touches. Judging from the pictures, the stay looks a whole lot more enjoyable than that $400-per-night, 300-square-foot hotel room in downtown Manhattan.

The truck will park in Union Square Park. The people who are chosen as live-in ice cream truckers will have an appropriately themed itinerary tha includes an ice cream shop walking tour, tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream, and plenty of time to take advantage of the milkshake making station and all-you-can-eat toppings bar inside the truck itself. While every region of the US has its own favorite ice cream truck treat, it’s hard to beat having all of the options laid out right in front of you.

To win one of the two overnight spots in the ice cream truck, go to on July 16 at 10:00 AM EST. The possible dates are for Saturday, July 17, and the following Sunday. The cost is just $7.18 — a reference to National Ice Cream Day on July 18.

You might not ever have the chance to sleep in a stocked ice cream truck if you don’t win, but at least NYC has plenty of ice cream trucks where the rest of us can pick up frozen treats in the sweltering outdoors.

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