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The Most Popular Ice Cream Truck Treat in Every State

by Jori Ayers Jun 11, 2021

Ice cream is the treat that everyone craves as soon as summer hits. Nothing will make your mouth water like the sound of the ice cream truck pulling up the street, loaded with Klondike bars, SpongeBob ice cream, and push-up pops.

The refreshing cold treats are beloved nationwide, but what exactly is each state’s most popular ice cream truck treat? Well, Seaside Vacation, a property management and vacation home provider located on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, just answered that question for you.

Using a list of 24 popular ice cream truck treats, Seaside Vacations researched the most popular ice cream truck treats in each US state by digging into Google Search trends for the last 12 months and in every US state.

Out of the 24 ice cream treats in this study, 17 were picked as an ice cream truck favorite. Here are the top five:

The five most popular ice cream truck treats overall in the US are:

  1. Klondike Bar
  2. Firecracker
  3. Choco Taco
  4. Ice cream sandwich
  5. Lemonade Ice

The lowest ranking ice cream truck treats overall are:

  1. Push-up Pop
  2. Malt Cup
  3. King Cone
  4. Crunch Bar
  5. Chipwich

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