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Sterling Pacific Has Dramatically Improved Its Luxury Rolling Aluminum Suitcases

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by Morgane Croissant Jul 5, 2024

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When a brand listens to its customers’ wants and needs and improves its products accordingly, the result can only be a success. This is exactly what Sterling Pacific, makers of luxury aluminum suitcases, did recently by adding four new designs to its previous offering of two.

Until June 2024, Sterling Pacific made and sold only two rolling aluminum suitcases, the 35L Cabin Travel Case and the 80L Check-in Travel Case, both of which were, and still are, standout baggage of excellent quality. That said, much like everything, there was room for improvement. I thoroughly tested the 35L Cabin Travel Case in late 2023 and the main issue with this piece of luggage was its wheels. While they ran very smoothly, there were only two of them, meaning that travelers always had to pull the case behind them. In my December 2023 review, I wrote: “Four independent swivelling wheels is a more standard design nowadays and it’s one that would improve the ease of use of this particular piece of luggage, allowing travelers to push the case alongside them when needed.”

Less than six months later, Sterling Pacific launched four four-wheel cases: two 40L Cabin Travel Cases and two 90L Check-in Travel Cases. All four new models feature four swivelling wheels that spin effortlessly, dramatically improving an already nearly faultless product. (note that both the 35L Cabin Travel Case and the 80L Check-in Travel Case are still available for purchase on Sterling Pacific’s website.)

But that’s not all.

Along with more and better wheels, Sterling Pacific’s new products got bigger. The carry-on versions took on an additional five liters of capacity while the check-in cases became 10 liters bigger. While some may worry that a bigger carry-on with non-recessed wheels might translate into a luggage that’s too big to fit in the overhead compartment, Sterling Pacific had thought of everything. “We’ve achieved this increase while still adhering to the maximum allowable carry-on size regulations on almost all major American airlines,” James Rodgers, Sterling Pacific’s President, explains in an email.

Sterling Pacific's new carry-on luggage 40 L and four wheels

Photo: Jesse Adams

I have personally tested it on four flights outside of the US and was asked to check the suitcase only once, but I’m convinced it was only the result of a zealous check-in counter agent — I had a good look and the overhead compartments were plenty big for it. Unfortunately for me, despite using the luggage cover to protect it, this beautiful and luxurious carry-on got dinged a little in the process.

A change of look

Beyond the practical improvements are also some aesthetic ones. The 40L Cabin Travel Case and the 90L Check-in Travel Case come in two colorways: silver and black. Note that both models are made of airplane-grade aluminum, but instead of the generic silver color of aluminum, you can now opt for a jet back case that looks very much like what James Bond, or one of his enemies, would choose to travel the world. And it’s not just the case that’s black: the leather handles, the hinges, the wheels, the lining — everything is coordinated.

Sterling Pacific new carry-on models

Photo: Morgane Croissant

The interior of the case has also undergone some positive changes. The lining, which is a twill in the 35L Cabin Travel Case and the 80L Check-in Travel Case, is a butter-soft suede-like fabric in the new 40L Cabin Travel Cases and the 90L Check-in Travel Cases, making the luggage feel even more luxurious. In the silver version, the lining is a dark brown, matching the color of the leather handles, while in the jet back luggage it is a deep black.

The new 40L Cabin Travel Case. Photos: Morgane Croissant
The 35L Cabin travel Case. Photo: Jesse Adams

There’s one change in the appearance in the new models that I’m still on the fence about. The 35L Cabin Travel Case and the 80L Check-in Travel Case were designed as vintage trunks, with a slim lid that stood open while packing; however, the new 40L and 90L models open as a butterflies, with both sides of the cases being of equal size, taking away the retro feel that I particularly enjoyed.

The specs

Sterling Pacific’s 40L Cabin Travel Case:

  • Dimensions in inches: 22.5 x 14 x 9
  • Volume in liters: 40
  • Weigh in pounds: 12
  • Price in USD: $2,150

Sterling Pacific’s 90L Check-in Travel Case:

  • Dimensions in inches: 32.5 x 19 x 10.5
  • Volume in liters: 90
  • Weigh in pounds: 15.7
  • Price in USD: $2,650


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