Photo: Ian Charbonnet

The Best One-Day Street Art Tour of Atlanta

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Photo: Ian Charbonnet
Ian Charbonnet
Sep 5, 2019

Atlanta’s street art scene is comprised of over 600 murals, sketches, and paintings stretched across the city. Because that’s way too much art for any traveler to see, especially if you’re short on time, we’ve selected some of the best outdoor art pieces you shouldn’t miss. So, the next time you visit this unique part of the American South, check out the iconic locations where street artists have added their colorful designs amidst the concrete, wood, and glass that makes up Atlanta.

Krog Street and Edgewood Avenue

One of the best-known street artists in Atlanta is Greg Mike. His numerous works can be found throughout the city, the most famous being Loudmouf, a blue square with multiple eyes and a large mouth. Like Loudmouf, most all of Greg Mike’s work is “loud” with bright colors and animals or figures (often with open mouths) that give each piece of art a fun energy and personality. Though he has done murals internationally as well, Greg Mike is most known for his work in Atlanta — and there is a lot to be seen there.

Photo: Ian Charbonnet

Photo: Ian Charbonnet

Photo: Ian Charbonnet

If you only want to make one quick stop to see some of Greg Mike’s Work, head towards the corner of Krog Street and Edgewood Avenue. From there, you’ll be able to see some of Mike’s work on the first block of Krog Street just south of Edgewood. There are a lot of options for which direction to go. If you head north you can stop by the Krog Street Market for lunch and check out the Beltline (more on that below). If you go west along Edgewood, there is more street art, including notable work from Michael Reeder. If you’d rather sit and relax, just head one block east on Edgewood and grab a donut with a cup of coffee at Revolution.

Krog Street Tunnel

Photo: Ian Charbonnet

Photo: Ian Charbonnet

Head south from Greg Mike’s work on Krog Street and you’ll find the Krog Street Tunnel. Unlike the rest of the recommended spots, you won’t find large murals here. Instead, you’ll see a constantly changing canvas of graffiti from artists from all over the city and beyond. Krog Street Tunnel showcases a variety of styles and color palettes to create images both familiar and alien. With so many pieces (and since the art here changes so often) you could visit the tunnel every time you’re in Atlanta and see something totally new. Make sure to check out the Krog Street Tunnel during the day — going into the tunnel at night is not recommended because the lighting isn’t great. After exiting the south side of the tunnel, there are also a number of murals along Wylie Street SE.

The Beltline

Photo: Ian Charbonnet

Photo: Ian Charbonnet

The Beltline is a cool way for people to get around the city. It’s a trail used by locals to walk, jog, or bike through and around Atlanta. Not only does the Beltline allow visitors and locals access to restaurants and shops around the city, but it’s also a great spot for street artists to show off their stuff. If you were out visiting the Krog Street Market, the Beltline is right across Krog Street. There is street art throughout the Beltline, but the Eastside is where you want to be to see the best offerings. Each overpass over the Beltline provides a canvas for some great designs.

Other spots to check out

Edgewood Avenue

Photo: Ian Charbonnet

Between Hilliard Street and Howell Street, there are a number of murals along the sides of businesses on Edgewood Avenue.


Photo: Ian Charbonnet

Photo: Ian Charbonnet

There are a number of works southwest of the Peachtree Fountains Plaza. For a general location, start near the corner of Broad Street and Mitchell Street (or Broad and MLK Jr. Drive). There is another concentration of a few pieces near the corner of Walker and Haynes. Also, while in town, visit Mutiny Artwyrx and check out its massive campus of buildings for a row of murals.

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