Get ready to experience the New York skyline like you never have before. After years of anticipation, the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt observatory is finally set to open October 21, 2021.

The four-story, 65,000 square-foot building’s new observatory is essentially a giant glass box, enabling 360-degree views over the city.

Visitors can take advantage of several interactive experiences. Transcendence is part of the “euphoric multisensory experience” art installation Air by Kenzo Digital. The artist plays with the glass buildings to create optical illusions inspired by the element.

“On the surface, Air is a simple idea, carried out in maximalist form; and you soon realize that its effect is deep and wide, upending sensorial norms and reconnecting you to your primal mind. Air defamiliarizes the world around you such that your relationship to it is undone. The process of finding a new equilibrium opens up a sense of elemental curiosity, and you are rewarded for your exploration,” said Kenzo Digital in a statement.

Another thrilling experience is Levitation. This walk-through art experience is comprised of boxes structured on the outside of the building with floor-to-ceiling glass 1,063 feet above Madison Avenue. The observatory also includes elevators with transparent glass floors that reach another 1,200 feet at the highest viewpoint in Midtown Manhattan. At the top, you’ll find Après, a sky-high nordic-themed lounge and café with views up to 80 miles.

“The excitement surrounding SUMMIT One Vanderbilt has been overwhelming. Now that we are finally able to offer a glimpse into the awe-inspiring, multi-level and multi-room immersive art experience that is air, people will begin to understand how different this destination is from any other in the world,” said Chairman and CEO of SL Green Marc Holliday in a press release. “We can’t wait to welcome New Yorkers and visitors to New York to experience this truly unique destination right in the heart of Manhattan connected to Grand Central Terminal. People are going to want to come back to SUMMIT One Vanderbilt again and again.”

The SUMMIT One is also donating one percent of sales to the SUMMIT Foundation, which supports various New York charities, and is involved with The Food1st Foundation which in the past year has donated over 600,000 meals to hungry people in New York. It also boasts sustainability efforts, with a system that generates electricity onsite to supply 50 percent of electrical use to avoid a negative impact on the New York City electric grid.

Tickets are already on sale.