Photo: Brian Fidelibus/TikTok

Tahoe Ski Patroller Reveals All the Things Dropped Off Ski Lifts Last Season

California Ski and Snow News
by Olivia Harden Jul 14, 2021

When Brian Fidelibus is on ski patrol during the winter in Tahoe, his job is to keep everyone safe on the track by promoting the track rules, assisting with medical injuries, and keeping skiers in bounds. He also spends lots of time around the ski lift, often finding some of the crazy things that fall out of the pockets of skiers and snowboarders while they make their way up the mountain.

Fidelibus has taken to TikTok to show some of the things he’s found in highlight reels he calls liftloot. In it, you’ll see he’s found Airpods (lots of them), some Airpod cases, vapes, pocket knives, medicine, and more bizarre stuff. In other videos, he’s found cell phones, fancy watches, and unopened alcohol.


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♬ SUNNY DAY – Matteo Rossanese

In the summer, once the snow has melted, the treasure hunting continues and he finds old ski passes, drinks, and odd items like kitchen spatulas, that he picks up digently.


Lift Loot Pt 11! ##laketahoe ##skiresort ##skipatrol ##woodwardtahoe

♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

Moral of the Tiktok: Next time you’re heading up to the slopes, be sure to hold your valuables tight and zip up all your pockets. You don’t want to lose your stuff or pollute on the mountain top.

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