These Stunning Japanese Light Installations Are Getting a New Home in the Netherlands

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by Eben Diskin Sep 2, 2020

TeamLab, the Japanese art collective famous for its stunning digital art, is opening a permanent exhibition in the Netherlands.

TeamLab’s shows are usually focused on light, digital sound sequences, and virtual reality experiences, and have appeared all over the world, but there has not been any permanent exhibition outside of Asia. Now the team is taking over a venue in Utrecht’s Wonderwoods, a green urban development project, to open its first permanent exhibition in Europe called “Nowhere.”

Jeroen van Mastrigt, Nowhere’s founder, said in a statement, “The Netherlands is a country with a high digital awareness, and thus makes it the perfect base for digital art collectives and exhibitions.”

“We invite visitors from all over the world to not only enjoy Wonderwoods as an iconic landmark but also to immerse themselves in a magical playground of digital art,” said Jet Happel, the founder of Wonderwoods.

The Nowhere exhibition is slated to open in 2024.

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