Photo:Luc Daelemans/Visit Limburg

These Teardrop-Shaped Tents Are the Coolest Way to Camp This Summer

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by Eben Diskin Jul 31, 2020

Humanity as a whole has shed a lot of tears in 2020. Now, your lodging can accurately reflect your state of mind. In the park surrounding Hex Castle, in Belgium’s Limburg province, part-tent, part-balloon, and part-treehouse accommodations called Tranendreef have been built to resemble teardrops.

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Photo:Luc Daelemans/Visit Limburg

Although they are as much art pieces as they are shelters, Tranendreef were originally designed for activists fighting against the construction of highways through forests in England. While they were trying to prevent the trees from being cut down, the tents would provide a safe and comfortable place to stay, in the trees.

The tents are fitted with windows, a mattress, a bench, and storage ledges. The tents are also close to two cycling initiatives in the Limburg area. The first, “Cycling through Water,” is a trail cutting through a pond in Bokrijk’s woodland. “Cycling through the Trees” is a trail through the forest in Bosland where cyclists bike in a circular pattern up 2,300 feet to enjoy views of the forest’s canopy.

Visit Limburg

Photo: Visit Limburg/Facebook

Travelers are able to camp in the unique tree tents through September 30, and prices start at 70 euros ($82) a night.

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