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The 9 Things Only Wisconsinites Find Funny

by Sarah Puckett Apr 24, 2019

We all have different ideas about what’s funny, but we all agree that some of the best jokes are about those little things that only a select few people who are in the know can appreciate. In Wisconsin, our inside jokes revolve around the failings of rival football teams and expensive beer, among other things. Here are nine things only people from Wisconsin find funny.

1. Getting away with table talk during euchre

Table talking during euchre is the ultimate Wisconsin prank. A rush perhaps even greater than winning the game, getting away with subtle hand gestures and coded speech to your partner is a true badge of honor, and an accomplishment you can hold over your opponents. Until they do the same to you, that is.

2. That the Vikings have never won a Super Bowl

Mocking the Vikings is a great way to get a laugh in Wisconsin. We all enjoy pointing out how they’ve never won a Super Bowl, especially when a Vikings fan is around. Is it really that bad finding pleasure in other fans’ pain?

3. That people in the big city have to pay more than $2 for a beer

City folk may mock us for our small towns and extensive farmland, but when they have to pay $5 for a Miller Lite, it’s obvious who the real winners are.

4. When someone new to Wisconsin freaks out driving in the snow

They’ll be pros at doing it by next winter, but they have no clue about how many times they’ll spin out into a ditch between now and then.

5. When you tell your out-of-state friends that you’re going to the Hunter’s Ball and they ask you how much it will cost to rent a tux

That anyone would think there is really any occasion for a tuxedo in Wisconsin is laughable enough. Thinking about how ridiculous someone would look in a tux amid the crowd of people in hunting attire is even more comical.

6. When you’re out to dinner and your out-of-state friend asks for fat-free ranch

Sorry, friends, there’s no such thing in Wisconsin. We only have extra-fat ranch, and we serve it with pretty much everything.

7. When someone says they prefer Bud Light

Clearly they’ve never tried a Spotted Cow, Leinies, or Schlitz, etc.

8. When out-of-towners are incredulous that a chunk of fat, deep fried in fat, then dipped in fat, is a staple of Wisconsin fare

Those who don’t know any better may be shocked, but we just laugh and pity those who have never tried the magic of fried cheese curds with ranch.

9. When anyone from a southern state says they’ve had a cold winter

Don’t even get us started on what a cold winter is really like. If you haven’t had to stay inside due to the threat of frostbite on any bit of exposed skin, then you basically live in a winterless paradise.

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