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Tinder Just Launched 'Spring Break Mode' to Let You Swipe Before Your Trip

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by Matthew Meltzer Feb 26, 2019

Not that it’s ever hard to meet people on spring break. A simple “Who’s next on the beer funnel?” is usually a pretty tried-and-true icebreaker. But in case you’d rather try and meet a potential spring break fling while you can still form coherent sentences, Tinder has you covered.

Starting March 4, Tinder U is rolling out Spring Break Mode, which unfortunately will not keep you from swiping when your phone detects daiquiri mix on your fingers. But it will allow you to see who’s traveling to your spring break destination before you get there.

Here’s how it works: Tinder U users open up their app and look for the new spring break card. Select it and add your spring break destination, then start swiping away as you peruse all the other people spending the second week of March in Fort Lauderdale.

You’ll have weeks to pre-screen other spring breakers, and see what they look like without the glare of sunshine or the blur of 16 straight games of flip cup. They still probably won’t look like their pictures, but this is Tinder, folks. Don’t act surprised.

Spring Break Mode works everywhere, so even if your version of spring break is going and sleeping at your parents’ house for a week, you can swipe around and see who else is in the area. And if you’re on a beach in Cabo or rolling around Vegas, it’ll give you a way to chat up new people without having to actually meet them. Isn’t technology magical?

So buckle up, spring breakers. Tinder is combining forces with spring break to make for the ultimate experience in meeting like-minded strangers. What happens after that is up to you, but odds are it’ll probably stay between you, your dating app, and spring break.

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