“Where there’s a will, there’s a way” is a saying that rings very true for Melanie Knecht and Trevor Hahn, two hiking buddies in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Knecht and Hahn go on some epic outdoors adventures despite the odds that are seemingly stacked against them — Knecht was born with spina bifida, meaning she needs a wheelchair to get around, while Hahn lost his eyesight to glaucoma about six years ago. That doesn’t stop them from bagging summits, however.

Photo: Hiking with Sight/Facebook

Hahn carries Knecht in a secure harness on his back, and Knecht gives verbal directions to guide him along. “He’s the legs, I’m the eyes — boom!” said Knecht to Good Morning America recently. “Together, we’re the dream team.”

After Kahn lost his eyesight, he continued hiking and climbing mountains using adaptive techniques and relying on other senses, but he wanted a higher purpose and he disliked feeling like a burden to the rest of the team he was adventuring with, he explained to Outside.

Photo: Hiking with Sight/Facebook

This August, the pair will attempt to hike a 14,000-foot mountain in their home state of Colorado. They are currently training to build their strength and guiding abilities.

To follow their adventures, check out their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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