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This Turkish Town Got a Stunning New Rainbow Paint Job

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by Eben Diskin Jan 23, 2019

Kuşadası is one of Turkey’s most heavily trafficked towns, mainly because it’s the coastal gateway to Ephesus, Turkey’s busiest cruise port. Now, people have yet another reason to visit this coastal town. A community project called “Let’s Colour” by AkzoNobel’s Marshall paint brand aims to inject new energy into Kuşadası by revitalizing over 400 homes with rainbow colors. The colorful houses are in the hillside Tepe neighborhood, chosen because of its prominent visibility, and it’s already doing a great job of drawing attention.

The Tepe neighborhood was once widely avoided by locals and tourists alike. It was a dead-end that had fallen into disrepair; many moved away from the neighborhood, and those that remained worried for its survival. Since the colorful transformation, however, the Tepe has become a must-see landmark for tourists and photographers from all over the world, and its residents were inspired to open new shops, cafes, and tours.

Özer Kayalı, mayor of Kuşadası, said in a statement, “This is a crucial location for us, as it’s the first place seen by tourists when they arrive at Kuşadası port. It makes for a striking panorama, which is why we believe this project will make a great contribution to our community.”

The Kuşadası project is just one of nearly 2,300 similar “Let’s Colour” projects taking place in neighborhoods around the world. Right now, the website’s official counter estimates that over 81.5 million people worldwide have seen a positive impact on their community as a result of these projects.

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