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United to Add 25,000 Flights to Its August Schedule

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by Eben Diskin Jul 2, 2020

As demand for travel picks up again, United Airlines is adding nearly 25,000 flights to its schedule for August.

Most of these additions will come in the form of domestic flights as United prepares to add over 600 daily flights to more than 200 airports across the United States, resume 50 suspended routes, and double the number of flights from its New York/Newark hub. By August, the airline will be operating 48 percent of its 2019 domestic schedule.

In a press release, Ankit Gupta, United’s vice president of Domestic Network Planning said, “Demand is coming back slowly and we’re building in enough capacity to stay ahead of the number of people traveling. And we’re adding in flights to places we know customers want to travel to, like outdoor recreation destinations where social distancing is easier but doing so in a way that’s flexible and allows us to adjust should that demand change.”

Those domestic outdoorsy destinations include Aspen, Colorado; Bangor, Maine; Bozeman, Montana; and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

United is also resuming some of its international flights in August and adding more where needed, with a focus on vacation markets like Tahiti, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Mexico. The airline will offer more flights to Europe, even though the union has barred American travelers from its borders. Flights from Chicago to Frankfurt and Brussels; from Newark to Brussels, Munich, and Zurich; and from San Francisco to London, will be resuming.

For more information on the resumption of United’s domestic and international flight routes, check out the July 1, 2020 press release.

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