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The US Ranks Second in the World for Skinny Dipping

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by Olivia Harden Aug 6, 2021

Skinny dipping might sound like great fun for some and uninteresting — or entirely inappropriate — to others. But if you’re comfortable being in the buff, it could be helpful to know where you can have your buns out as summer rages on. Outdoor recreation site Outforia conducted a study to determine which countries around the world have the best skinny dipping spots and each country’s comfort level with skinny dipping. The United States came in second in the global rankings, and the study was ripe with other interesting findings.

Outforia’s study only looked at countries where skinny dipping is at least partially legal. The countries were judged in four categories out of 10: number of nudist beaches, number of naturist campsites, average annual temperature, and average water temperature. The final ranking is decided on the average between all four categories.

The number one spot for letting it all hang out was France, with a final score of 7.04. The country has over 600 places where it’s totally acceptable to walk around nude, including Village Naturiste in Cap d’Age, where clothing is not required at all. The average temperature year-round is 51.3 degrees Fahrenheit, while the water temperature averages 60.5.

It may or may not surprise you that the US comes in second with a final score of 6.95, offering 295 beaches, and comes in first for having 253 naturist campsites. The average annual temperature is a bit frosty here at 47.4 degrees but the water temperature averages 62.4.

Spain takes third place in the top three with a score of 6.52. It has the most nude beaches in the world at 422 but less than 100 naturist campsites. The right to be nude is very legal, which also helped the country’s rank. It’s even written in the country’s constitution. The temperature averages at 55.9 degrees and the water is pretty warm at 64.2.

Thailand was shouted out for having the warmest temperature and water for people to swim in, reaching 79.3 degrees with a water temperature of 84.3. Great vacation spots like the Bahamas, St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, and the Maldives might have great beaches but don’t expect to be going topless on them anytime soon.

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