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10 Outdoor Brands You Can Rely on for Vegan-Friendly Gear

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by Matador Creators Dec 9, 2020

Shopping for vegan-friendly goods has become so much easier in recent years, but it has to be said, many outdoor brands are still sitting on the wrong side of history with their reliance on animal-derived products over innovative, cruelty-free alternatives. There are, however, some certified vegan manufacturers on the market. This distinction is important to look out for, as many brands may shout about their leather, wool, or down-free gear but do not mention the use of animal products in adhesives and dyes. To make your outdoor gear shopping a little easier, below are some of our favorite outdoor brands that either produce outright 100 percent vegan products or have a clearly marked plant-based range.

1. Marmot for featherless jackets

Marmot Featherless

Photo: Marmot

Marmot’s featherless insulated collection ticks all the boxes — it’s cruelty-free, warm, waterproof, and stylish. The synthetic insulation is scientifically engineered to replace the same level of warmth as natural down. The lightweight formula is also great because it retains heat without having a huge amount of bulk. Another plus is that unlike natural down, which loses its insulation properties when wet, this synthetic fill performs in rain or snow. The lightweight collection is also made from 75 percent recyclable material. The featherless jackets and vests showcase Marmot’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint, but it’s also worth keeping an eye on the company overall as they are big fans of innovation and using technology to help the planet.

2. Bleed for layers and beanies

bleed organic clothing

Photo: bleed organic clothing/Facebook

The German brand Bleed produces 100 percent vegan goods. The company grew from the passion of skateboarder Michael Spitzbarth, who after working in the textile industry decided that the damage to animals and the environment had to stop. Bleed utilizes materials such as cork, hemp, and organic cotton, and its products range from swimwear, cycling gear, long sleeve layers, and beanies.

3. Hoodlamb for parkas

Hoodlamb clothing

Photo: Hoodlamb

Hoodlamb was the first company to produce winter outerwear out of hemp. It was established in 1993 by a group of Dutch surfers who found there was a lack of decent clothing that was made in line with the ethos of respect for nature. Hoodlamb’s first hemp jacket even had a double zipper, so they could keep it on when changing from a wetsuit. In addition to being morally sound, all products are highly functional and well as fashionable.

4. Mad Rock for climbing shoes

Mad Rock

Photo: Mad Rock

Mad Rock makes highly innovative, technical but affordable climbing shoes. Although not all its shoes are vegan-friendly, those that are are clearly tagged, and you can easily add that filter on in the shop. The company is so confident in its products that they give customers a lifetime warranty on all shoes.

5. Ecoalf for outdoor kids jackets

Ecoalf kid's jacket

Photo: Ecoalf

Ecoalf makes a wide range of vegan-friendly products, including stylish shoes, shirts, vests, and beanies. The sustainable Spanish company clearly labels what products are vegan-friendly, and it’s very easy to search for them on the site. There’s also an amazing collection of outdoor jackets for kids.

6. Hill Killer for cycling gear

Hill Killer

Photo: Hill Killer/Facebook

Hill Killer’s vegan gear is also simple to find by searching the toolbar. They have three designs to choose from, and neither holds any punches. With bold color-blocking and slogans such as “Powered by Plants” and “Team Vegan,” Hill Killer’s gear is loud and proud of its veganism.

7. Inov-8 for trail running shoes

Inov-8 is another company that does not guarantee that all of its lines are animal-product-free, but it does state that all shoes that do not have leather or suede are vegan. Invo-8 has also put sustainability at the heart of everything it does and promises that it will continue to extend the life of its products, reduce its environmental impact, and support sustainable lifestyles in the communities it works in and beyond. Inov-8’s outdoor shoes are reliable and range from trail-running shoes and swimrun shoes to those for orienteering.

8. Plant Athletic for sports apparel

Plant Athletic

Photo: Plant Athletic/Facebook

Plant Athletic is one of the better places to go for 100 percent vegan sports apparel. The entire range is plant-based, and the company’s commitment to the environment is impressive. Its purpose is to create change on a larger scale by encouraging others to consider a plant-based lifestyle. There’s a nice range of cycling, triathlon, and running gear. It’s also worth looking at the lifestyle section if you are in need of a new t-shirt. The Nike-inspired “Just Eat Plants” printed shirt is especially cute, as is the “Eat Plants” printed pocket one.

9. Save The Duck for insulated outerwear

Save The Duck

Photo: Save The Duck/Facebook

There is a lot to love at Save The Duck — all garments are 100 percent free of animal products, and the quilted jackets are not only super cool, but the quality is also outstanding. The business was voted PETA company of the year in 2019 for its drive to protect animals and for setting a good example for other companies. The Plumtech padding is lightweight and smart, and jackets clearly marked with a green and white duck logo are made from polyester material from recycled bottles.

10. La Sportiva for hiking boots

In this day and age, vegan hiking boots are better than the traditional leather models, mainly due to advances in technology. This means lots of us are now opting for cruelty-free boots, and there are a lot to choose from. We’ve selected the brand La Sportiva here as it has a great reputation for making outstanding outdoor shoes and has a nice range of vegan-friendly boots. It currently has five models that do not have leather or animal byproducts, including adhesives. A full list of La Sportiva’s vegan range can be found here.

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