How to visit Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

ICELAND’S BLUE LAGOON is an 8700-square meter man-made geothermal lagoon tucked into a natural volcanic landscape. It’s blue because the silica in the water reflects sunlight, but if you were to put the water in a glass it’d be a milky white. Many believe the mud and algae contain anti-aging properties and can calm psoriasis if smoothed on the skin.

How to get there

The Blue Lagoon is a 20-minute drive from Keflavik International Airport and 50 minutes from Reykjavik. If you’re renting a car, the drive is easy and the road is in good condition. For those without a car, you can easily book a bus, tour or private car—which leave on the hour.

What to consider

  • The Lagoon is privately owned and is open from 8am to 9pm
  • Entrance to the Blue Lagoon is by pre-booked ticket only, the price ranges from ~$60-$100 USD
  • If you’re coming straight from the airport, they offer secure luggage storage.
  • Remember to stay hydrated (with water) before, during and after your visit.
  • The minerals in the water can tarnish certain jewelry, so leave it in your locker.
  • Careful with your hair — the minerals in the lagoon will dry them out. Either condition your hair before entry or wear a swim cap (or both).
  • Eating options range from fine dining at LAVA restaurant to casual bites at the Blue Cafe.