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Iceland's Fourth Volcanic Eruption in Three Months Closes the Blue Lagoon

Iceland Travel Safety
by Morgane Croissant Mar 18, 2024

The images are mesmerizing, but the threat is real. Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula is experiencing its fourth volcanic eruption in three months, leading to the evacuation of the nearby town of Grindavik, and the temporary closure of the Blue Lagoon, one of Iceland’s most famed tourist attractions.

The town of 4,000 inhabitants and the thermal spa have both been evacuated in recent previous eruptions, but geophysicist Magnus Tumi Gudmundsson explained on RUV, the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, that this volcanic event is deemed to be the most powerful so far.

Eruptions in the area occurred on December 18, 2023, January 14, 2024, February 8, 2024, and March 16, 2024.

While flights to and from Keflavík International Airport remain undisrupted, if you’re planning to travel to Iceland, know that the Blue Lagoon is and will remain off limits until it is safe to reopen.

Thankfully for travelers who don’t want to miss out on a thermal spa day, there are plenty of options available for a long, hot soak. Sky Lagoon, which opened in 2021, is much closer to the city (a 15-minute drive from downtown Reykjavík) and offers incredible views of the North Atlantic. It’s also nowhere near the current eruption so you’re unlikely to have to leave the premises because the floor is becoming lava. For a more remote setting, leave the city behind and head over to the Secret Lagoon. Created in 1891, this is the oldest geothermal pool in Iceland, and it’s very much worth the 1.5-hour drive.

And remember that no matter how tempting it is to see a volcanic eruption up close, it is extremely dangerous to do so — and prohibited. The area around the current eruption is closed.

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