RERE ROCKSLIDE in Gisborne, New Zealand is a 200-foot natural slide made slick by its moss covered rocks. Water from the Wharekopae River is constantly flowing over these rocks which makes them better than any slip ‘n slide you’ve ever been on.

While it’s possible to rock the ride with just your body, it’s a much better experience if you bring some kind of barrier to put between you and the rocks — be it an inflatable mattress, inner tube, bodyboard or yoga mat. Anything is better than nothing. The slide dead-ends into a large pool; and it is popular with both locals and tourists.

When you’re done whooping about on the Rere slide, you can head downriver to check out the Rere Falls—a 15-m waterfall that spans the width of the river.

How to get there:

About 50 km north-west of Gisborne, you’ll find the Wharekopae River and the Rere Rockslide. From Gisborne take SH-35 westbound and turn right on Wharekopae Rd until you see the Rere Falls car park (on your left); continue (about 2 km more) until you reach the Rockslide car park (on the right). It’s only a minute walk to the top of the rock slide.

What to consider

  • This is a free attraction, and you’ll be making the walk from pool to the top of the slide over and over again.
  • Bring something to slide on.
  • It’s a suitable attraction for all ages, but you will catch some speed and may come away with a scrape or a bruise—so be smart.
  • Boogie boards feel like rattling rockets, while the inflatables are a more cruisy ride.
  • There are toilets and picnic tables available for public use.
  • Like most attractions, it’s less crowded the earlier or later you go.