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Vizzy Hard Seltzer Will Buy You a Drink if Your Holiday Season Flight Is Delayed

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by Nickolaus Hines Dec 20, 2021

Flying during the holiday season can be rough. Delays can feel inevitable, what with inclement weather, overcrowded airports, and bags with so many jackets and presents stuffed in them that zippers always look ready to pop. It’s times like these that the trusty airport bar becomes a communal gathering ground for delayed souls. After all, there are few better ways to kill a delay than with a drink in hand.

This year, on the three busiest holiday travel days of the year from December 21 through 23, Vizzy hard seltzer is putting 5,000 airport delay drinks on its tab. Of-age travelers simply need to visit Vizzy’s Holi-Delay site, enter their information, and receive an $8 digital prepaid card. The brand has 5,000 of the drink payouts to hand out over the three days.

And if you happen to be stuck in the Denver airport (or just happen to be passing through one of the country’s busiest airports), Vizzy has something a little extra for you. Vizzy pop-ups will have on-site drinks and Vizzy samples at the Denver International Airport from the 21 to 23. Find the on-site drinks at Concourse C near Gate C29, and the samples at Midway Airport at Concourse A near Gate A7.

“When you’re traveling for the holidays, there’s nothing worse than seeing your flight has been delayed so, we wanted Vizzy to step in and make an annoying situation, a little bit more positive*” Carol Krienik, associate marketing manager for Vizzy Hard Seltzer, said in a press release. “Whether it’s enjoyed at the airport or when you finally reunite with friends and family, we hope Vizzy brings some fun and flavor to your drinking this season.”

No matter how bad the delay bug hits you, stay calm out there and remember we’re all in this holiday travel mess together.

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