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This Wellness Retreat in Cancun Combines Drunk Yoga and Astrology

Cancún Wellness News
by Eben Diskin Jan 21, 2020

Alcohol might sound like an unnatural third-wheel to astrology and yoga, but hey, exercise is a little easier when you’re buzzed. And if you’re an astrology skeptic, getting drunk might be exactly what you need to start believing in zodiac signs and birth charts. Eli Walker, certified astrologer (yes, that’s a thing) and founder of Drunk Yoga, partnered with the CheapCaribbean online travel agency to create a “New Year, Do You Retreat” at the Haven Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa from February 20 to 23, blending drunk yoga and astrology.

The trip includes yoga while sipping cocktails, one-on-one birth chart readings by Walker, meditation classes, character development workshops, a copy of Walker’s book, and cocktails from her curated menu.


Photo: Drunk Yoga/Facebook

According to Walker, the retreat is designed for people who “aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a full 10-day vegan yoga and meditation retreat/cleanse, but are ready to dive a little deeper into understanding themselves and their relationship to the universe in a fun, pressure-free environment.”

The retreat starts at $899 per person, and includes all flights, accommodations, and activities.

It might sound like a steep price tag just to have someone tell you that “this is your year,” but that’s between you and your zodiac sign.

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