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A Rare White Reindeer Was Spotted in Norway, and It’s the Cutest Thing Ever

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by Eben Diskin Dec 6, 2018

This white reindeer calf might have chameleons beat when it comes to camouflage abilities. While hiking with friends in the mountains of northern Norway, 24-year-old photographer Mads Nordsveen spotted the rare white calf in the snow — though it would have been pretty easy to miss. “It did blend extremely good with the snow,” Nordsveen told Insider. The snowy white coat of fur is caused by a rare genetic condition that drains pigment from the fur (not albinism).


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The calf didn’t appear afraid of company. According to Nordsveen, it even posed for the camera. “It was a very special moment,” he said. “We looked straight into each other’s eyes… the calf seemed a bit scared at first, but we sat completely quiet and were very calm, and eventually it came quite close.”

Such magical moments, he acknowledges, can rarely be planned and must come about organically. “Before trips I do quite a lot of research to find the best locations and views,” he said. “However you cannot plan magical moments like the reindeer’s photos!”

Nordsveen runs one of Instagram’s biggest travel accounts, Discoverer, which has over a million followers. The white reindeer will make an eye-catching addition to his already impressive portfolio.

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