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Wildflowers in Mount Rainier National Park Are Blooming Early This Year

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by Eben Diskin Jul 1, 2019

Wildflower season is coming early this year to Mount Rainier National Park in Washington and we’re hoping that the crowds will be a bit more manageable than the wildflower bloom mayhem that hit California earlier this year.

Usually wildflowers bloom from mid-July through August in the park, but this year they have already started blossoming all across the park. Glacier lily, avalanche lily, Sitka mountain ash, rosy spirea, Jeffrey’s shooting star, phlox, lupine, Sitka valerian, and western pasqueflowers can be seen along many of the park’s hiking trails.

The best way to see the wildflower bloom is by following one of the 10 recommended wildflower hiking trails across the national park and to check out the wildflower report that’s updated regularly. If you do visit the park, be sure to remain on the trails at all times to avoid causing any damage to the flower fields.

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