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Watch What Happens When a Wind Storm Throws Dozens of Tents Into the Sky

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by Jori Ayers Oct 5, 2021

It’s safe to say that most people wouldn’t expect to see a group of tents flying through the sky on their camping trip. But that’s exactly what’s depicted in a TikTok as a large campsite’s worth of tents are thrown into the air due to what appears to be a wind storm.


Dear the fxxking wind😤Off there goes my tent #campingideas #campingtrip #campingtent #campfire #tornado #tornado2021 #rvlifestyle #vanlifetravel

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You can see many different color tents in the air flying around like a kite in the wind. Most campers are either standing in awe or filming (and, presumably, wondering if they’re ever going to get their tent back).

The video inspired a number of jokes in the comment section. User wildmanmike commented, “Tent company having a blowout sale,” while user littlebowcreep commented, “There’s so many of them it almost feels in*tent*ional.” User jonnywaldes chimed in with “That storm is category tent.”

Others were confused why proper measures weren’t put in place so the tents didn’t fly away in the first place. User jstclmesir commented, “I count 44 people who were today years old when they learned about the importance of staking your tent.”

If you’re planning your next camping trip in a windy locale and don’t want your tent to end up in the sky, follow the basic instructions on how to pitch the perfect tent, and then take note of these wind-friendly tips from Camping Valley:

  1. Choose your location wisely
  2. Erect the tent properly
  3. Use extra pegs and guy ropes to anchor your tent
  4. Remove the sidewalls
  5. Handle repairs immediately
  6. Point the tent towards the wind

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