The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, the world’s first underground hotel, is opening its doors this October, and we don’t think you’ll miss the aboveground views. Built in the pit of an abandoned quarry about 20 miles away from Shanghai, the hotel is located in the Sheshan Mountain Range, and 16 of the luxury hotel’s 18 floors are below ground. The top floor is ground level, with a rooftop covered in greenery to blend into the landscape and two of the underground floors are submerged inside a 33-foot-deep aquarium.

Each of the five-star hotel’s 383 rooms have a curved balcony that allows guests to see the waterfall cascading from the top of the quarry to the pool below it. The two underwater levels have a restaurant and guest rooms, and the lower two floors have a leisure complex with a swimming pool.

Designed by Atkins, the British design firm responsible for Dubai’s Burj Al Arab, the InterContinental took over 10 years, 5,000 architects, engineers, designers, and workers to complete. While room rates aren’t available yet, check the hotel’s official website for updates.

H/T: Lonely Planet