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You Can Now Ride the World’s Longest Zip-Line in Virtual Reality

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by Eben Diskin Jul 23, 2018

Always been curious about zip-lining but too afraid to actually take the plunge? Or just don’t feel like flying all the way to the United Arab Emirates where the world’s longest zip-line is located? Now you’re in luck. Thanks to virtual reality, you can experience UAE’s famous zip-line right in London. The Jebel Jais Flight recently took the title of world’s longest zip-line, perched on the UAE’s tallest mountain in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. Now, the zip-line has partnered with London’s own longest zip-line to make it more accessible to visitors than ever.

Visitors will climb about 35 meters to the top of a tower in London’s Archbishop Park. There, they’ll have two unforgettable experiences. The first is a classic zip-line experience with views of the River Thames and the London Eye. The second time around, guests will be blindfolded with a set of augmented-reality goggles. You’ll immediately become fully immersed in the Hajar Mountains in Ras Al Khaimah and find yourself flying not above a park in London but the desert peaks of the Middle East.

The Ras Al Khaimah emirate has been focusing on promoting itself as an adventure destination for thrill-seekers. Ziplining and other adventure experiences are designed to increase awareness of this relatively unknown emirate. Indeed, its zip-line has made the Hajar mountain range accessible to tourists for the first time. With London’s new virtual-reality experience, more people than ever will be introduced to the landscape of Ras Al Khaimah and (they hope) be inspired to visit in person.

You can book your ticket for London’s virtual Jebel Jais Flight on Zip Now London’s website until September 9.

H/T: Lonely Planet

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