Traveling around the holidays is no easy feat, with airports full of irritated people rushing between terminals, pushing mountains of luggage, and stressing out about their impending family time. To make matters worse, the high volume of travelers often leads to flight delays.

This chart, created by Asher & Lyric, breaks flight delays down so that you can avoid the worst US airports for delays this holiday season.

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To create the chart, Asher & Lyric used domestic flight data from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Taking the top 25 busiest airports in the US, the blog looked at the percentage of on-time flight departures, percentage of canceled flights, average departure and arrival flight delays, average taxi time, and average wait time at customs.

According to the findings, New York’s JFK is the worst airport in the US for delays. Only 77 percent of its departing flights leave on time, and the average delay for departures is 72 minutes. It also has the most cancellations, and particularly long taxi times. LaGuardia and Newark, also in the NYC area, performed poorly as well, along with Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Among the country’s most punctual airports are the ones in Phoenix, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. While there may be no single definitive reason why some airports are able to reduce delays while others aren’t, warm-weather cities may have a slight advantage because of their consistent favorable meteorological conditions.