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WOW Airlines Is Selling One-Way Tickets to Iceland for Less Than $100

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by Henry Miller Mar 19, 2018

After a bitterly long winter, it is understandable for someone to start fantasizing about watching the flowers bloom on another continent. Fortunately for residents of the Northeast, Iceland’s WOW Airlines is offering a limited number of super discounted flights to Europe this spring.

Between now and June, WOW is offering one-way tickets from Boston, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., New York, and Chicago to Reykjavik, Iceland for only $99.00 USD. Round-trip tickets will run the penny-saving traveler a total of $199.98.

For those living outside of the Northeast/Midwest, you can still get some remarkably low prices for a flight to the island. This spring, one-way flights to Reykjavik from Cincinnati and Miami come in at less than $150.00.

If Iceland doesn’tt sound like the most ideal place to warm up after surviving four Nor’easters in a matter of weeks (Reykjavik’s temperature averages around 30 degrees Fahrenheit in April), WOW is also offering discounted connections to other popular destinations in Europe.

After a quick stop at Iceland’s Keflavik Airport (KEF), travelers from New York, Pittsburgh and Chicago can hop over to London for $149.99. For the same price, flying out of Chicago can get you to Paris, Brussels, and Barcelona. (Barcelona, by the way, averages around 60 degrees in April and has more than its fair share of outdoor springtime activities).

Another round of discounted prices kicks off in the fall, when you can fly one-way to KEF from St. Louis, Cincinnati, Detroit, Cleveland, and Los Angeles for less than $130.00.

The cheap prices also come with bare-bones amenities, so don’t expect a free lunch on the flight over. But who wants a cellophane-wrapped ham sandwich when they have fresh croissants and Belgian waffles in their immediate future?

Tickets are available now and there is no way they are going to last, so you might want to get on it soon.

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