Fans of Yayoi Kusama’s bright, surreal style need to mark their calendars for May 2 next year. The famous artist will be taking over the New York Botanical Garden for an exhibition that examines her fascination with nature, and it will feature a wide range of her works both new and familiar.

The space will be filled with her signature paintings, mirrored spaces, and organic sculptures, as well as her early botanical sketches, biomorphic collages, soft sculpture, and a horticultural showcase based on one of her paintings. There will also be an interactive greenhouse that will evolve and change its character throughout the course of the exhibition.

Photo: mujiri/Shutterstock

Carrie Rebora Barratt, CEO and president of the New York Botanical Garden, said in a news release, “In a lifetime of finding inspiration in nature and pushing against boundaries and biases, [Kudama] developed a unique lexicon for artistic expression. While these works appear as mostly abstract forms to viewers, they are manifestations of how she sees the universe, specifically the natural world.”

Indeed, the exhibition’s website describes the event as a “multisensory presentation… designed to capture and illuminate the artist’s profound engagement with nature throughout the changing seasons from spring through fall.”

Photo: Adam Rifi/Shutterstock

The exhibition will run from May 2 to November 1, 2020. But if you’re impatient, you can always catch her this November at New York City’s David Zwirner gallery, where she will display paintings, sculptures, and a new mirrored infinity room.

H/T: Lonely Planet