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YouTube Couple Compares Living in a $40,000 Van to a $150,000 Van

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by Eben Diskin Feb 8, 2021

Road trips take on a vastly different character depending on which vehicle you enlist for the journey. YouTubers Kara and Nate set out to compare living in a $40,000 van to a $150,000 van, and the results aren’t exactly shocking: the $150,000 van wins.

The couple has spent the past six months traveling around the US in a converted Sprinter van, which they purchased for $40,000. Recently, while their Sprinter van was getting some repairs done, they rented a Winnebago Revel, which retails for $150,000, and lived in the van for a few days to see how much more they got for the extra $100,000. Unsurprisingly, it’s quite an upgrade.

They drove the van to the middle of the Las Vegas desert and, after getting acquainted with their new home, pointed out the major differences. They say the van actually feels similarly spacious inside, despite the more expensive van being shorter. It does, however, come with amenities the cheaper van lacks, such as an outdoor shower, a ladder to the roof, winterization valve that prevents pipes from freezing, a motorized awning, and foldable outdoor table, a built-in mosquito net, and more.

Inside the van, the basics are relatively similar, with a few notable exceptions. Some of the Sprinter van and Winnebago Revel van differences are the the latter has a foldable table, windows that open completely — including built-in window covers for privacy — and space for an additional bed.

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