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Summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2010

Tanzania Hiking
by JoAnna Haugen Jan 4, 2010
In this new series we look at musings, notes, ideas, and narratives straight from Matador community members’ blogs. With the advent of 2010, we take a peek at CaliforniaKid7’s New Year’s resolution.

We’ve heard all the typical New Year’s resolutions before: Quit smoking. Stop drinking. Lose weight.

There is plenty of advice out there on how to stick to those resolutions. Instead of following that advice, CaliforniaKid7 did something else. He wrote a letter to his nemesis – who happens to be a mountain

Dear Miss Kilimanjaro, he writes, “Many people tap out on you. Many have conquered you, but I will come. I will be arrogant and when I touch the scalp of your head I will cry.”

He goes on to say: “But when I meet you. I will size you up and I will challenge you. For that… I will see you in 2010!

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is no easy feat. At 19,340 feet in elevation, it is the largest mountain on the African continent. A hefty 25,000 people a year try to climb Kili, and while it’s not a particularly difficult mountain to summit, those who do not succeed are usually forced to turn back due to the altitude.

At Matador Sports, we give big-ups to anyone who feels confident enough to share their athletic dreams with the world. Here’s hoping CaliforniaKid7 and all of the Matador community reaches their New Year’s resolutions—Sports style—in 2010.

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