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Putting Art and Yoga on Display in Brooklyn

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by Benita Hussain Jul 7, 2011
For only one month, New York City’s Brooklyn Museum adds yoga to its collection.

AS A YOGA INSTRUCTOR and art lover, hitting up local yoga classes and art museums are two of my top activities when traveling.

The consistency of practicing yoga, whether in Spain, South Africa or Seattle, always feels grounding. It brings a piece of home with me when on the road. And, being from New York City, I also happen to share that home with some of the best yoga instructors and art museums in the world.

Unfortunately for me–since I’m spending the summer on the West Coast–but fortunately for New York’s many, many summer visitors, the Brooklyn Museum will be hosting a three-class series in conjunction with its exhibit, Vishnu: Hinduism’s Blue-Skinned Savior.

Perhaps the two offerings will help the public gain a deeper understanding of some of the ancient tenets that influenced the yoga system, both visually and physically, while taking classes with three of Brooklyn’s most lauded yoga instructors: Anusara teacher Elena Brower, Iyengar instructor Nikki Costello and Kelly Morris, whose challenging “Conquering Lion” style provides a sweaty workout.

But, regardless of whether Hindu-inspired art appeals to yoga students, they’ll be practicing while facing the floor-to-ceiling windows of the fifth floor rotunda, giving them a different way of seeing Brooklyn.

It makes me wish I was there.

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