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Scotland Skiers Celebrate Perfect Ski Season

United Kingdom Ski and Snow
by Candice Walsh Jan 14, 2010
With record amounts of snow being dumped on Great Britain, Scotland is celebrating the winter carnage.

SKI RESORTS ARE experiencing the heaviest influx of skiers in years, thanks to one hell of a winter season. 20,000 people and counting have torn up the slopes at Scotland’s biggest ski resort, Aviemore, four times last year’s number from around the same date.

There’s never been a better time to check out the Scotland snow scene. In fact, tourism officials say that ski accommodation bookings are up 500% in Scotland.

Ski resorts in Scotland have been suffering these past few years due to inadequate snow conditions and mild winters. Just three months ago, the Glencoe ski resort was threatening to close due to lack of business.

The site was put up for sale, and a last minute takeover allowed the resort to open in time for the New Year. Now, the slopes are so packed, skiers are having a hard time finding parking spots.

It’s not just skiing either. Sledding has become so popular that the Nevis Range resort has run out of toboggans. Enthusiasm is running so high that skiers in campers are staying out overnight in the CarnGorm’s car-park to be the first people on the slopes in the morning.

Travel can be dangerous in these snowy conditions. To keep yourself and others safe, check out Traffic Scotland.

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