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The 11 Best Hangover Cures in Memphis

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by Ashley Smith Dec 14, 2015

1. Majestic Mimosas at the Majestic Grille

15 bucks will allow you to cut to the chase with OJ and bubbly by the bottle. You’ve got a lot of nutrients to replenish and, since we know you’re not done drinking yet, you might as well start with a hefty serving of vitamin C.

2. Chicken & waffles at the Blind Bear

As part of this speakeasy’s “hungover like a bear” brunch, there’s no better kinship than that of sweet-and-savory fried chicken wings atop maple-syrupy waffles. It’s the best thing since the repeal of prohibition.

3. Chicken skin BLT from the 5 Spot

Just when you thought they couldn’t improve on a bacon-centric sandwich, the bistro behind Earnestine & Hazel’s goes and adds the greasy goodness of fried chicken skin. Crispy, juicy, and perfect for your morning after.

4. Bardog Tavern’s daily dog

She like her dogs…..#foodporn

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Sit. Stay. Recover with hotdogs smothered in a rotating selection of toppings that includes chili con queso, Italian sausage, peppers and onions, and bolognese with Parmigiano. Paired with Bardog’s foolishly delicious fries and bourbon mayonnaise, you can’t go wrong with this classic’s upgrade.

5. Fried chicken with honey butter biscuits from Uncle Lou’s

Uncle Lou’s unbeatable fried chicken.

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The shameless combination of Uncle Lou’s signature “sweet spicy love” sauce and the sinful first basted, then baked honey butter biscuits will make you forget all those questionable decisions you made the night before.

6. Cinnamon roll pancakes at Brother Juniper’s

Cinnamon roll pancakes are officially on the menu EVERYDAY! #cinnamonrollpancakes #breakfast #local #brotherjunipers

A photo posted by Brother Juniper’s Breakfast (@brotherjunipers) on

Covered in a gluttonous amount of gooey icing, Brother Juniper’s flattened version of a cinnamon roll provides the sugar rush necessary to snap you out of it.

7. Soul burger and dark spaces at Ernestine & Hazels

Nothin’ better than a #SoulBurger at #ErnestineAndHazels #JukeJoint in #Memphis

A photo posted by Holly Hickman 👀 (@hollyhickmansf) on

Since you’re probably still here from last night, go ahead and start your recovery with a famous soul burger. Though the “soul sauce” may be a secret, it’s no question the dark bar and mellow jukebox blues are the perfect antidotes for your hangover.

8. Fresh juices at The Cosmic Coconut

Restore your nutrient supply with fresh smoothies and juices made from local, organic ingredients. Go for the green Kermit or the signature Cosmic Coconut for a more tropical answer to your hydration problems.

9. Classic hot glazed donut from Gibson’s

Good morning, Memphis. Hanging at Gibson’s Donuts. #abroadeatsmemphis @00britton

A photo posted by Alton Brown (@altonbrown) on

Open 24 hours, the Gibson’s portion of your hangover regimen is never far away. Start with a classic glazed, hot off the belt, then work your way up to maple bacon.

10. The Double-Double from Dyer’s


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Two burger patties, two cheese slices, zero shame — all deep fried in the original grease from 1912. You know you’re in good hands when the diner’s slogan is “Have you had your vitamin G today?”

11. Bloody marys, soft piano, and air conditioning in the Peabody lobby

The Peabody Ducks

A photo posted by Erin B (@lily_monet) on

Chill out with some cute ducks, the trickling fountain, and some priceless people-watching from the cushy furniture of the Peabody Hotel lobby. Let the bloody marys come to you and enjoy the AC before you have to rejoin the land of the living.

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