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13 Unusual Places to Go on a First Date in Mexico City

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by Rulo Luna Ramos Dec 8, 2014
1. Embrace your inner child in Papalote.

Papalote is an interactive museum for children in the middle of Chapultepec. Since the activities and expositions are so much fun, the museum has maintained the tradition of dedicating Thursday nights to its faithful adult public. Apart from all of the usual activities, you’ll be able to enjoy dinner and have a few drinks while you listen to some live jazz bands. Pretty cool, eh?

2. Be the rock star of the party!

Forget about involuntarily making a fool of yourself. Demonstrate to your date that you’re not afraid of ridicule by renting a private lounge in a Korean karaoke joint and learn more about your partying and musical affinity. This is just one of many awesome party options that you can find around Mexico City, and definitely one that’s worth checking out.

3. Enjoy the city from high above…

Why would anyone want to go on a date just to end up looking at things from the same boring perspective? Mexico City is a place worth viewing from a sky high point of view, and there are plenty of options to do so. Bellini, the revolving restaurant in the World Trade Center, and Miralto, at the top of the Latin American Tower, are both nice if you’re planning to have a dinner with a view. If these options are a little expensive (around USD $40 per person), the Zocalo plaza and Bellas Artes palace are literally surrounded by heaps of not as fancy bars and restaurants that have an equally impressive view.

If you just want to enjoy a sunset while forgetting you’re in the middle of one of the biggest and noisiest cities of the world, I strongly recommend you to pay a visit to the roof bar in Condesa DF Hotel. Nice music, good drinks, and a relaxed vibe make this the perfect option for a Sunday afternoon date.

Finally, if you really want to make your first date unforgettable and are not afraid of heights, you should consider dining while being suspended from a crane 45 meters above the pyramids of Teotihuacan. Check out Dinner in the Sky.

4. …Or from far away.

Being surrounded by mountains, there are lots of lookouts that serve as good excuses for taking your date to a romantic and isolated place. The best miradores are a few minutes away from the city on the way to Cuernavaca . Coincidentally, the most famous love motels are also around here…and there are also some good quesadillas and other Mexican delicacies in Tres Marías, just a few minutes away.

5. Go to an art exhibition opening.

With so many museums in the city, there’s always an option to get some free drinks while enjoying the most recent work of some local or international artist. Openings at museums and galleries are normally free and open to the public. Art is always a good conversation topic when you don’t have the least idea how to start socializing with your date. Definitely a good way to start the night with a cultural twist.

6. Take a stroll and get lost in Chapultepec.

There’s something here for everyone. Either rent a boat and enjoy a little bit of sailing on the lake, or just walk through the most remote and isolated corners of this urban forest. There’s always something going on here. Museums, restaurants, galleries, the only castle in Mexico, and even the local zoo are located in the park.

7. Finish a day around Centro Histórico in El Moro.

This is the best place in the city to eat churros (a Spanish delicacy) and enjoy a hot cup of chocolate. El Moro has been open since 1939, and even though it has a tendency to burst into flames, it’s widely recognized as a city classic among Mexicans with a sweet tooth. It’s usually overcrowded, so take it easy and learn a little bit about the churro-making process — and about your date’s patience — while you wait.

8. Take a dancing lesson in Plaza del Danzón.

Just outside the Balderas metro station is a plaza where you can refine your dancing skills or just check out how other couples masterfully dance to different rhythms. Just being there to enjoy the show on a Saturday afternoon is enough to have a good time, but taking part in the activities will definitely take your date to a whole new level. Learning danzón is a skill no one should miss given the opportunity. Go for it now!

9. Go to the movies…but forget about your everyday movie theater.

Going to the movies is an all-time first date classic, but you can spice the experience up a little bit with some different options. Head to the Cineteca Nacional and watch a free movie under the stars in the outdoor theater, or go to Cine Tonalá, where you can enjoy your favourite cocktail inside the theater. Some other options are the drive-in theaters that are thriving around the city, or catch up with an all-night movie marathon in a cinema club.

10. Get a free martial arts class.

Every single gym and martial arts dojo offers a free class before you need to commit to a full subscription. It can be the perfect opportunity to find a new hobby you two could share, and it’s always good to see how you two get along in a sweaty situation. Since you’ll be swimming in endorphins after the session, make an escape to somewhere you can get to talk and get to know more about each other.

11. Have a picnic in one of the city’s huge pieces of forest.

Mexico City has its share of forested areas, and some of them are perfect options for having a good time as a couple. Plan a picnic and head to Desierto de los Leones, Bosque de Tlalpan, Los Dinamos, La Marquesa, El Ajusco, Fuentes Brotantes or Chapultepec. It’s a different and cheap option every chilango has taken advantage of.

12. Take a bicycle tour through the city.

The last Sunday of each month, half the city closes its avenues so cyclists can enjoy a ride in a car-free environment. It’s the perfect way to share some time together while visiting the most iconic areas and neighborhoods in Mexico City. Also, don’t worry if you drift too far away from home — bicycles are permitted inside the metro…just on Sundays though.

13. Go classic and get some ice cream!

Founded in 1939 by the Italian expat Pietro Chiandoni, the Chiandoni ice cream shop is a true classic in Mexico City. The little shop in Colonia Napoles not only has some of the best ice cream in the whole city, it’ll also transport you to a time when soda fountains ruled the earth.

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